Winter is nearly over on Ithaca. Spring is here and Summer on Ithaca is on its way. 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Wed 11 Apr - Above - A view to Perahori from the Drosia region of Vathy. Right - The Venetian Tower on the edge of Vathy toward Filiatro. Below - The Kanelata region of Vathy. Nothing but blue skies.
Left - Aristotelis from Kalkanis Taverna and Grill, located just behind the Vathy Square. Aristotelis Taverna is one of the very popular traditional places to eat on our lovely island of Ithaca. Thankfully for us, Kalkanis taverna is open all year 'round. Drop by and say hello next time you're in Vathy.
Below - Frikes bay is buzzing with fisherman and helpers. A great day to be sailing. And if you haven't guessed already, the weather is good enough togo to the beach. Kravoulia beach, unlike Afales and Polis beach in the north, may still be a little cool for swimming, but as far as Illio therapia (sun-baking) and playing by the waters edge goes, it's just perfect. The visitors on the island, accustomed to generally cooler weather, even in summer, just dive right in. Aah! Refreshing.
Left - It's Elvis no more. Nikos (The Gods) Douglas (Descendant from a Scottish pirate) has now been donned with the President of Platrithia moniker, after the resignation of Romina. Guess we better call him 'Sir' from now on. News straight from the horses mouth is that the road to Marmaka via Frikes, which was started a couple of years ago, and which has been on the cards for a very long time now, will finally edge toward completion.
Thu 12 Apr - Above - Outside the Stavros bakery, is a reminder of the toil of old. The dough mixer from the early 20th century. The size of a bath tub. Bread is baked in a wood oven, and although now made with modern convenience, still has the taste of tradition.
April on Ithaca Warm and sunny days
Fri 13 Apr - What to do and where to go if you're superstitious about Friday the 13th. It doesn't mean anything in Greece, but for new locals, who brought their western s-days along with them, it may not be the best of days. I suggest you go to Vathy with a big list of things to do. When things go wrong and you don't get to cross even one item off your list, you'll know it's just like every other day.
Above - A little fishing in Mavrona Bay. Just look at that water. Smoothe as ice.
Left - No, it's not raining. In fact the weather is perfect Spring weather. Just looking at the views through restaurant plastics. A beautiful distortion.
Below - The corner Mill on the way to Kioni from Frikes gets a touch up job after recent earthquakes made part of the outer wall topple in the rumble.
Left - Adrian Lunney and Sharon Thomas visit Ithaca regularly. Now even more so than before, fixing up a little cottage all of their own. Neighbours drop in and out checking on the progress, wishing them well and giving advice. We caught up with them in Frikes over some lunch.
More concrete will make it more stable, but definitely not as visually pleasing. Dry walling is an art.

Letters from Iwo Jima

Showing at the Vathy Cinema
Sat 14 Sun 15 and Mon 16 April 21.00hr
Sat 14 Apr - Some sad news for Ithaca if this rumour is true. Word is that Sea Airlines may not be flying here this year. It's not definite and no one seems to know the entire story, so if you're counting on getting to Ithaki with this means of transport, best to ring Sea Airlines for confirmation or contact Delas Tours - booking agent.
A good rumour for Ithaca and Cephalonia is that Superfast Ferries may be stopping off at Cephalonia from and to Italy this Summer. That would certainly make travel from Europe quicker and easier to our little isle in the sun.
Other news is that ERT 3 TV is coming to the island to do a documentary on Ithaca. A couple of well connected Vathinians have this locked up and are keeping the info close to their chests, but a little birdy told me that they'll be here for around a week, departure date 5 May. We should be spreading the news around the island to make sure it's looking spick and span for the camera.

Above - Horses at Dexa. Yes we have cows that climb mountains like goats and horses used as watchdogs. Just kidding (about the horses).

Right - Miguel sailed into Frikes with his wife, but while his wife is taking a nap, Miguel has a drink with the hostess with the mostess, Poppy from Rementzo, and President Douglas joins them in a svinaki of apple liquor - only 20 proof.

Below - Fiorendino Bar and Cafe is definitely ready for the season. The Fatouros boys and Sophia are getting right into the spirit of Spring, making the dark side of Frikes bright with colourful flowers and sweet with home made cakes by Mrs. Fatouros. They're set and ready to go for the Summer.
Right - George and Irene from New York, mostly, but not exclusively. George is originally from New Jersey and Irene was born in Stavros. Irenes' ancestral home was built around 1840 and has been named by them as the Alpha House. She left the island at 4 years old to live in Athens and at 22, moved to New York, where she works as a medical physicist and George is a hostpital administrator. This handsome couple work and play together, and although their work is usually tinged with sadness, as they deal with cancer in their work, they are a pleasant and 'happy to be alive pair' who plan to retire on Ithaca in the future. On April 11th, on the exact day of their 24th anniversary, they laid the foundations of the house they are building in Platrithia.
Mon 16 Apr - There's no escaping the feel of Spring. Right - Cycling - the healthy way to see the ins and outs of Ithaki. See a little, talk a little while firming up those leg muscles.
Sun 15 Apr - Left - Another special just for the fun of it. As we approach May, when Winter on Ithaca disappears and Summer Lodown begins, it's a good opportunity for some pics. Click here or on photo left for more.
Below - The green fields of Lahos. Under the shade of an olive tree is a nice spot to throw down a blanket and have a picnic.
Tue 17 Apr - What a gloomy and cold couple of days we've had. Drizzle most of the day. The usually wonderful horizon across from Frikes bay has been misted out as rainy weather closed the island in yesterday and today. The only ones out in this weather seem to be the hunters, as shots echoe across the valley of Platrithias.
Thu 19 Apr - Left - View to Vathy central and the bayside from the Kanelata region of Vathy. Kanelata is just on the edge of Ithakis capital on the road to Sarakiniko and Filiatro. A nice drive through narrow roads with colourful houses and gardens along each side. Yesterday Ithaca was bathed in sunshine again after two days of drizzle. It was warm in the sun, but once the sun began to set, a cool chill set in for the night.

Left - Neil is here from Exetor, making new friends and reaquainting himself with old friends, over a glass of beer.

Right - Andreas was here and is gone again, but not before enchanting a few locals with his kind sensibilities. Andreas has the Ithaki bug. On his short stay on the island, he managed a few walks from Stavros to Exoghi, Anoghi to Kioni to Platrithia, and generally around the northern isle. A little drizzle didn't worry him. He loved it. Andreas Roth is a small tour operator from Germany for walking holidays in Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. If you read German, click here
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