October to May on Ithaca in Greece. Winter on the Greek Island of Ithaki 2006 - 2007  
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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The Summer Season has gone by so quickly, and now October is upon us. Let's hope this winter will not be as eventful as the last, that we'll have power and telephone, and maybe a little snow for us to enjoy while we have nice warm houses to return home to.
Sun 1 Oct - Above - Looks more like Spring than Autumn on this stretch of road in Stavros. Bees buzzing and flowers blooming. It's surprising just how green the island has remained after such a hot Summer.
Above - Only 15 days to the elections. Campaigning starts in earnest this month for each valuable vote. "Dodoros can and knows how to change our islands." There are hundreds of 'one liners' that go with this poster, but politics is no joking matter in Greece, so byo.
Above - Livanis Cafeteria in Vathy Square is looking very swish after recent renovations.
Above - The traditional Marida Festival at Polis Bay today. Click here or on photograph above for more pics.
Wed 4 Oct - Above - Fishing boats in Frikes Harbour. We've had some great weather these past days and it shows in the number of people roaming around the streets around the island. The Holiday Season seems to have been extended on Ithaki.
Above - A yacht sails into Frikes on a warm afternoon.
There's no escaping it, the political campaign is in full swing around the island. Speeches amplified from the bonnets of cars , Life size posters with skyscraper slogans, Southerners in the north and Northerners in the South, all vying for the vote on October 15. Nominees rally up support to make the changes and improvements they'd like to see happen on the island, but in the end it really comes down to how good the budget is, otherwise all good intentions could lay lame. If we do look at the elections over the next 2 weeks, it will be from the sideline and with a very naive eye, as I admit, I know nothing about the Political machinery of Greece that would enlighten anyone. All I can say is that this is a passionate time with the smell of change in the air.

Thu 5 Oct - Wherever you go on Ithaca these days, there is no escaping Politics and talk of elections. Lively and ideological debates dominate conversations at Cafenions and on street corners, while Ithaca decides who will be the next Mayor of Ithaki and who would be best to represent the island as Government Member of the Province (Eparhos). Rallies and meetings from Kioni to Vathy. With the small voting population of Ithaca, each vote is considered gold, therefore it's a good time for the locals, each and every one, to voice their opinions and have their questions answered, as the candidates and their supporters please and appease those responsible for either electing them or rejecting them.

Above - Some of the northern Ithacan community met at the Stavros Primary School yesterday afternoon to hear one Candidate for Mayor, Christos Skliros (Pictured Left - Center) currently Vice-Mayor, and his supporters make their election speeches. They promise to be open and available to all the community should they earn their term in the Ithaki Council.
ithacagreece.com will only take photos of Candidates and their Rallies when invited. ithacagreece.com is open to all candidates as local Ithacans, and all are welcome on ithacagreece.com, but the site will take no position on any of the candidates or their political affiliations. Afterall, this is just a site with pretty pics of Ithaki.
Oops, just realized I didn't link Summer Lodown Around the Village Pg 18 on Pg 17. Some of you may have missed the last action of Summer. Sorry, it's linked now or click here.
It's not often, and it's definitely not encouraged (due to the slow phone line) that we include photos sent in by visitors, but this photo (right) of Ithaki under water, taken last week by Vanessa from the UK, is just too wonderful to keep in the visitors box. Thank you Vanessa.
Thur 6 Oct - Yesterday afternoon the weather began to change again. More storms and rain expected over the next couple of days, just as we were all enjoying an Indian Summer. As the elections draw nearer, more ithacans living on the mainland will begin to come back to join the queues at the Polling booths. Below - Yesterday in Kioni, the Independent Candiate, Mr. Vasilopoulos, along with his supporters and hopeful Council Members, held a meeting at Avra Restaurant, to go over some of the details of his election promises.
Above - Independent Candidate for Mayor - Yeorgios Vasilopoulos
Above - Christina Kostiri. Below - Member Supporters.
Right - The horizon disappears behind darkening mist over Ithaca.
Above - Lucky Vlassopoulos, Mr. Polis, has packed up the umbrellas and sunbeds at Polis Beach and headed for the hills, where he's fixing up his house. The lure of a quiet Ithaca tempted Lucky so much so that his trip to France was cancelled in preference to spending more time on the island.
Sat 7 Oct - Although the skies were somewhat misty with changing cloud cover, the expected rain didn't reach Ithaki during the day. The seas were fine, so was the temperature. The usual exodus from the holiday Ithaca has been much slower this season. Just when you think it's over, a new group arrive to take advantage of the Ionian weather.
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