Winter time on Ithaki. All the things happening during the off Season on the island in 2006 - 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Above - Kioni
Mon 16 Oct - Above - Hank and Franz are here from the Netherlands having a fantastic time amidst the Election frenzy..
Above - Brothers Peter and Dini Fatouras with Dinis fiance Sofia, the new crew at the former Bemenis Bar in Frikes, now under the name of Fiorendinos. They have big plans for the little bar .
With all the excitement of the elections, I forgot to mention the most exciting thing to have happened on Ithaki for many, many years. The Sea Planes have finally landed. Ithaca has service to and from Patras and Corfu. Go to How To Get There for timetable or click here
Wed 18 Oct - Well folks it was bound to happen, the temperature has dropped, and although the sun is shining, it's time for jackets and warm socks., time for flu and staying indoors at night. Over the past 2 days the chilly wind has been howling through the valleys and down the mountain sides. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Below Left - Sunrise from Exoghi.
As usual, the views open right up with cooler weather. Clear horizons remind us all of just how beautiful this island is, and just how lucky we are to live here on Ithaki, be it in the mountains, the valleys or in the villages.
Most of the restaurants in the north have closed now, but there are still bus tours and Flotillas coming in. This Sunday sees the final round of the elections which are now between P. Daouzis and G. Vasilopoulos for Mayor and Parisi and Georgatos for the Regional Seat, so we may still see some activity around the place.
Thu 19 Oct - Chilly temps have caught everyone off guard these past days. A storm that blew in a few days ago even had the Port Police come and save a yachtsman and his boat from Frikes Bay while the winds churned up 3 meter waves. Once it cleared, the seas were fine again and the sun shone through, but there is no doubt now that Winer is on its way. The nights are too cold to sit outside and everyone is rugged up for heat. OTEnet is on and off again. Always a sign of winter, and night falls by 7pm, a little earlier in Frikes which is caught up in the shade of the mountains.
Lefki is probably the best place to be for warmth right now. The sun seems always to be shining on this village, but for night time entertainment, Vathy is still the best place to see more than a handful of people in the street at any one time, and on days like yesterday, with boats sailing into the harbour, the center of Ithaca is stirring with movement.
Above - Symposium Restaurant in Frikes turns on the lights and offers the sailors a place to warm themselves up with a hot cooked meal on a chilly and damp night. Left - Early evening in Vathy still brings the locals into the town Square.
In Kioni all the Restaurant Canopies have been taken down, but Frikes (Right), the Die Hard of the island, keeps up the pace until the last tourist has left the island. In Kioni you can eat at Oasis Hotel and drink at Spavento Bar, while in Frikes there is Symposium, Penelope, Rementzo, Ulysses, Porto Frikes and Piperato. All of whom are open for business as usual.
Anyone believe in ghosts? Seems there's one in around the mountains over Kioni... well, is it a ghost or is it a woman? Maybe not a woman either, maybe it's an Arab... What??!! An Arab? Better call the police.
Now 10pm, OTEnet or Not OTEnet, that is the question, otherwise another day without updates on 11pm? 12am?? Nope. 1am? Nope, not a chance. 9.20 am Friday 21??
Sat 21 Oct - As you can see below, yesterday wasn't the best of weather days, but it wasn't too cold and there was no wind, so it made for a cosey day somewhere inside. It was a day of celebration around the island with the Name Day for Gerasimos and 2nd birthdays for Niko and Theofilos Karantzis (twins - spavento) in Kioni and also Mr. X, who celebrated in Vathy at Chez Manu. The restaurant closes its' doors tomorrow and will re-open with the new menu of fresh homemade hamburgers, the kind McDonalds killed. No more Asian in Vathy, so better head there tonight for your last Chez Manu curry or wait until Emanuel comes back from a little honeymoon to taste your first McManu.
Above - Frikes in the rain
Above Left - Put your lips together and blow. The twins turn 2. Above Right - Dimitri and Emanuel look a little coy as they stir fry up a storm on their second last night as an Asian Restaurant. Rumour has it that whatever you thought of Dimitri is not true . A pretty blonde Company Rep declared her love for him last night and made the boy smile straight. Below - A rainy and almost deserted Vathy center as the rain poured down. has found its first correspondent for while its on holiday. Mr. T will be taking photos in Vathy and sending in reports during November and December. Can't wait for that. It should be very interesting. Now if we could just get Mr. X to cover Kioni or anywhere else for that matter, I'd be very happy and so would you be. Hint Hint.
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