where to go and what to do on ithaca in the winter of 2006. Ithaki greek island.
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Thu 9 Nov - Left - Penelope still looking out to sea waiting for her Odyssea. This statue outside the OTE building in Vathy was sculpted by Kosma Dovletoglou and donated to the municipality by Xenia Ventoura-Dovletoglou.
Fri 10 Nov - Right - It's not often you get a beautiful butterfly to strike a pose. Come on - Vogue. Another sunny and mild day yesterday. Below Left - Frikes Bay. Below right - Ag. Sarantas.
November on Ithaca 2006

Sat 11 Nov - The hand full of visitors still on the island and the lucky locals who live here all year around, are fortunate enough to enjoy glorious winter weather. Who needs the Trevi Fountain. Throw a pebble into the crystal waters of Ithaki and make a wish come true. Click here on on photo left for more pics of A day at the Beach.

Ok folks, Elvis is leaving the building. I'll be on holiday until the end of December, but don't despair, I have some angels taking pics of around the villages for me in my physical absence from the island, and will continue to load up.

I may be leaving the island, but I'm taking it with me online, so mostly there'll be service as usual. I've made an agreement with the Kioni ghost, and he, she, it or the Arab, will be coming along for the ride, so Kioni can once again sleep with its lights off. I'll miss the Beacon for the stars (Ithaca at Christmas) and am trading it in for 'put another prawn on the barbi while Santa hands the Chrissie presents out at the beach. Remember Ithacans with a digital camera are welcome to send me pics and bi lines by clicking here. See you all on the other side...and as Arnie would say "I'll be back"
The strong winds and storms last night made for some crystal clear views over the island today. In the distance, the first signs of snow show on the mountain peaks.
Above - The Morris family, Stella, young Anthony and Phillip, enjoy some bright days in November on their 1 week holiday on Ithaki.
Thu 16 Nov - Today Athens tomorrow Melbourne, Australia. Athens is busy, crowded and mayhem as usual. Very nice for a change. Click here or on photo left for more pics.
You can always be sure of one thing when an Ithacan goes to Athens, and that's running into another Ithacan (usually in Ermou). With the wedding of the Ithaki year coming up in early December, it's no wonder Dina from Kep was found wedding shopping in Ermou as she prepares for her big wedding day to Emanuel from Chez Manu. We wish them all the happiness they deserve and a happy celebration.
Ithaki Dreaming. Tue 21 Nov - No, this is not a Lefki sunset, this sunset was on the other side of the world as we touched down in Melbourne Australia. While I wait for the volunteers to send me Ithaki pics and news, I may put a little bit of oz online now and then.
Wed 22 Nov - News on Ithaca is that it's raining and that most have finished olive picking for this season. Soon it will be off to the Olive Oil factory for the manufacture of Ithakis oil.
Below - Back in September Ithaca had some wild weather, these photos were submitted by Nick and were taken by friend Andre. Hard to believe this is an Ithaki scene. "Down the Waterspout."
While back on the island the rain pours down, Victoria suffers a long and devastating drought.
Thu 23 Nov - While I await photos from Mr. T of ithaki, here's a Mornington sea view. Getting to it means a trip through the suburban sprawl for over an hour with the sun piercing through the ozone hole.
Morningtons' Royal Hotel
Ithaca, which has a history of water shortage until recently, could show the way in water conservation. As country areas of Victoria and Melbourne itself are impeded by increasingly radical water restrictions, it looks like the Sterna (Well) would at this stage at least keep the gardens watered and the cars washed. Water tanks were illegal in the suburbs and considered backward, but now seem to be a way forward for this dry Australian community. Left - The Aussie watering hole, the local Pub, keeps throats lubricated. God knows what would happen if the beer dried up.
Fri 24 Nov - Left - Finally a photo from Ithaca compliments of Dimitris Danis (Chez Manu Manager and comic relief). He reports that today everyone is sitting around the Vathy Square like cats in the sun. A nice change after some rainy days. More news from Dimitris is that Hani Cafe is open again from 15.00 hours until late each day and the Hani Restaurant is open Friday and Saturday nights and for Lunch on Sundays.
Sun 26 Nov - News on Ithaki is that it's raining and there's not alot going on. People are staying inside mostly while the skies open up. Dimitris Danis photos below show the quiet and grey island of Ithaca.
Left - This photo of the sea plane was sent in by Stavros who was visiting Ithaki this weekend. It was his first time on the plane and reports it's very cool.
Ester van Zuylen from Lefki is busying herself with Ithaki cats org. Looking after the welfare of cats on the island, spading etc. Winter is a tough season for Ithakis cats. Many die from cold, starvation or poisoning.
Tue 28 Nov - As Christmas approaches, Ithaca is decorating itself again with Christmas lights from Vathy to Kioni. Greel tradition is to light up the boats in the harbour. Below - The seas around Victoria are not only quite a bit colder than Ithaki, but also quite a bit rougher.. Surfs up most days, even bayside around Frankston. While Plastic Santa frosts in the Vathy Square, Santa in Melbourne puts on his bathing suit.
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