Winter on Ithaca
2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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Wed 19 March - Left - Don't worry, Ithaki isn't on fire, but there is alot of burning off going on this month. Soon it will be too dry to do so, so everyone needing to burn off is doing it while the soil is still moist from winter rains.
We've had quite nice weather again, a little cooler than a few weeks ago, but still lots of sunshine... except for today. Looks a little winterish again. Generally however, Spring is here with wild flowers covering the fields, road and mountain sides, the birds, the insects, the increased activity in the streets, even some tourists. Businesses are preparing their premises for Easter, when many of them will open their doors again after Winter. There's a definite shift in consciousness on the island, more movement, more activity. We're on the way.
National and broad spectrum strikes continue and effect many facets of life. Although the power company isn't blacking out the country every day, there are still power outs without warning whenever there's a need for the company to save a little. Last night the power out was just as it was getting dark. Good timing.

Thu 20 March - Dirty rain overnight last night. With a front coming up from the south and another coming down from the north, the weather didn't know what it was doing most of today, but by mid afternoon, the grey skies opened to reveal alot of sunshine and blue sky. We had a 1 hour blackout in the morning and then another 2 hour + blackout in the afternoon. No electricity means no water pump thus no toilet flushing or running water, no petrol pumps, homes without gas or fireplace, no heating. If it's ok for the electricity company to have us pay for something they don't deliver, I assume it should be ok for us to use electricity then without paying for it. Anyone want to start a consumer strike? The strikes are a pain, but we're pretty well off here. In the cities, rubbish is piling mountain high and causing a real health risk, due to the Strikes. Right - Kolieri views across to Afales. Below - View to Platrithia and to Afales from Kolieri. Orange blossoms and the folklore garden of the late Stathis Raftopopoulos.


For a video of Kalamos Spring in Kolieri, click here

Sun 23 March - While many places in the rest of the world celebrate Easter today, on Ithaca it's a normal Sunday, slightly busier than most, but mostly normal. Left - The first yachts sail into Vathy and walkers take the road north. The dock was busy with loading and unloading, while in Stavros, there were young people everywhere from an excursion tour, probably from Cephalonia.
Above Left - Just a beautiful scene around Aetos in the south of Ithaki. Above Right - An oddity. This sign is at the turn off for Anoghi when you come from Vathy. A friend pointed out I should read it. Wildlife Sanctury? Where? I know there are vultures, goats and cows up there, but wildlife?
Above - Yvette the vet comes to Ithaki again to neuter and treat cats in need. Her helper in the Stavros surgery is Lilia. Volunteers are an integral part to the success of the Argos Foundation which has set about to limit the cat population in a human way. Ester van Zuylen and Rien Post, who founded the organization, still make time to help where they can.
To see a video click here

Above - Some of the Argos volunteers. L-R - Judi, a retired nurse, Ester, one of the founders of Argos, Britta and Fran. Below - The surgery. It's makeshift and not very efficient but everyone tries to make the best out of the situation. Argos is a non-profitable organization, so if you care about the cat population, you may want to donate. Details will be online soon, so keep tuned.

If the great weather has lead us to be prematurely duped into believing the cold is behind us, the weather bureau has put an end to that thought. Tonight the temps are set to drop again and put us back into the chilly season with temps back in the low 10s. Below - Exoghi views.
Strikes are set to continue for Ote and others next week. Let's hope with the drop in temps, the Electric Co. will respect its patrons by not cutting off the power to let them freeze. Tuesday 25 March is Independence Day in Greece, a Public Holiday, so the guess is that Monday will somehow be included in that so as to have a nice long weekend. By the amount of cars that disembarked from the ferry over the past couple of days, it's a pretty good guess. Hope you all had a safe Easter.
Tue 25 March - Independence Day and I missed it thanks to some wild and devastating winds that have been battering the island for the past day, cutting the power last night just as I was transferring photos from the camera onto the pc. The on/off/on/off 20 times or so in the space of a few seconds, jamed the lense. It's fixed now, but too late for the parade. Out of frustration I went to Ag. Ioannis beach to throw myself onto the rocks, but it looked so beautiful I decided to test the camera instead. It works as you can see by the photo left. The winds have been so great that a couple of boats went down, restaurant canvas awnings split or outdoor areas were mangled. Roof tiles blew off buildings, trees split, heavy and full rubbish bins were tossed across roads like paper. The ferry still left because the seas weren't so bad, but many whirly winds just twisted and lifted everything that wasn't pinned down (hard enough). It's 2pm now and still blowing up a gail. There were thunderstorms and hail over night as 2 fronts collided over our island. I also tested the movie function on the camera, that works again too. To see it Click Here. The drop in temperature is quite dramatic.
Wed 26 March - Right - The Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne Australia, through its periodical newsletter/paper, Odysseys, gives the thumbs up to Ithaki websites, including This is a public thank you to IPS for their support over the years. I've met many from the society over these years and know that has become part of their daily online diet. The 'Ithaki hit' is far more powerful than any sugar hit. It's very addictive, and I'm happy to keep the addiction going. It is afterall, an addiction that is good for you. Thank You IPS!
After the past days' battering through wind and rain, today the skies are blue again and the sun is shining. Word around the island is that many couldn't sleep due to the heavy winds, guess that accounts for everyone looking a little sleepy.
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