Winter on Ithaca
2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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Thur 27 March - Everything looks peaceful again after Tuesdays storms which ripped tiles from roof tops, mangled Bergolas, dunked a few boats and ripped and chewed at the edges of the island.
Frikes Bay Ithaki
For a short video of the Frikes many of you have never seen, click here. Between November and May, Frikes is a sleepy little bay village.
Dear Erika, We have just about finished the work at the yefuri café and I wanted to ask you to publish this note on your website. It's hard to know what to say. We feel overwhelmed by the amount of help we received. Some people helped for days on end and others just a little, a few local ladies baked cakes, whilst others brought us beers and transported burnt furniture. Others changed holiday plans, wrote kind words of encouragement, paid for paint, one woman even donated some money via the website. In the end, it wasn't how much folk helped that was important because what mattered was, whether local or from abroad, young or old, the kindness of all the volunteers made the whole experience bearable and for this we would like to extend our heart felt thanks. We start this season by opening Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 6pm (and Sunday brunches) from Friday 19th April so, please come and say hello. Mark Stevenson and Andy Papas
Wed 2 April - Above - Traffic congestion in Vathy... not really, but with the start of Daylight Savings and some summery temps, there was definitely more movement in the streets. Right - Tree pruning all around Ithaki, leaves stumps. There is definitely a need to prune, but it would be nice if the pruning was done with a little expertise. Word has it that the beautiful pine trees at Mavrona were equally butchered. Some trees never recover as the wonderful shady tree at Polis which is now just a place to hang lights and as seen in pic below Left . Dead leaves in Frikes.
Above Right and below - Bay road Vathy.
The weather has been absolutely fantastic the past few days. Off come the coats and scraves and on with the t-shirt. As we head toward Greek Easter, there are also more visitors in the streets. There's no stopping now, the Season is on its way, ready or not. Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes opened its doors for the first time this year last night. Poppy and Nektarios have had a good long break and are eager to try out some new early season recipes on their customers. Below Left - Frikes structure collapsed under the fierce winds of last week.
Above Left - Mavrona Bay (above, above Right are the once 60 year old pines, pruned to an inch of their life) Above - Dimitris from Laertis Farm delivers to the villages. Click here for a video or visit for the Ithaki Movie Room.
Thu 3 April - Left - Dress rehearsals are going very well with Foris Theatre Group for the ancient Greek play, Lisistrati. The group began rehearsals with acclaimed Director Stelios Sofos and have continued with another acclaimed Director Pericles Vasilopoulos, after Mr. Sofos was called away to direct a work on the mainland. The play handles the issues of politics, war and love in a cheeky and somewhat naughty way and is completely entertaining. The weapons of domestic war look a little more dangerous than those on the Front as you will see by the photographs taken by Gerry Karavias from the Ithaca Photo Center in Vathy. Lisistrati is on stage 11, 12 and 13th April. Don't miss it. For more photos click here or on photo left.
This afternoon massive thunderstorms ripped across the Ionian, cutting power on the mainland which cut power to Cephalonia which in turn cut power on Ithaca. Everything's working again now, but there were flashbacks to a couple of yrs ago.
Sun 6 April - Thunderstorms and rain overnight with a power out this morning, leaves today a little up in the air as to how the skies will turn. Around lunchtime the sun was making an appearance, but the dark clouds still shadow the blue sky around the horizon.
Below - Andreas Roth from has brought a walking group of 14 Germans to liven up the northern isle. The group are staying at the Nostos Hotel in Frikes and are walking the tracks of Ithaca come rain or shine, before they head off to Cephalonia for more walking. We caught up with them after a full day of walking, finishing dinner at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes.
Fri 4 April - Left - The Navy pays a visit to Vathy. Don't like the look of the missile looking thing however. Below - Are you looking at me?
Left - A group of German walkers take a day off the tracks by visiting Vathy for a coffee and some shopping. Below - Andreas, from Germany, who leads many walks, including trekking through the Albanian Alps starts his new route around the Ionian, which includes Ithaki.

Wed 9 April - Some heavy winds and dirty rain battered the island over night, but in the morning it was as if nothing but a clear sky had covered the Ionian all night. The sun was out, the sky was blue and a very warm day was ahead.

Spring on Ithaca

Below - When the sun comes out it's not unusual for people to fling open their doors and windows and head out into the blue of the sky outside. That's just what I did this morning after an invitation from walking guide, Ester van zuylen, who as part of her Walking programme offers a great walk to Homers school.

To see all the pics and a video of HOmers Walk with Ester van Zuylen click here or on photo right. You'll need a broadband connection to view video it's nearly 10 mins long.
Fri 11 April - Last nights weather forecast proclaimed a sizzling temperature of 28C for today, but it's almost midday and the air still feels too cool to reach that maximum. It's overcast and the sky is low to the ground. There is sunshine behind the cloud mass, but as yet there are no holes in the sky to let it through.
Don't forget that tonight is the Premier of Lisistrati at the Cultural Center in Vathy. 12 euro gets you in the door and it starts at 9pm. There are some nervous souls in Vathy today with months of rehearsals culminating in the performance tonight of this witty production of this ancient classic which depicts sex (or rather the lack of it), love and war. The cast is made up of many facets of the Ithaki community raning from lawyers to secretaries. It's fun!!
Left - On the 29th March, the Vathy School put on an insightful play of Liberty and Independence with an eye to the present and the future. I couldn't attend, but Kosta, the Gym teacher has provided me with photographs and information on the play. The photographs were taken by various members of the school community and they are really expressive. I wish I had been able to attend. For more on the School Play in Vathy click here or on photograph Left.
Well winter is definitely over and at the end of April, Winter On Ithaca will be over too. Summer Lodown starts 1 May. Again, I hope it will be full of Summer fun with all the faces seen on the island, the concerts and parties, the activities and news from around the villages. If you see me and you want to be on the site, don't be shy, pull me over and let me take your photo. I love to put on as many people as I can to be part of the Ithaki Summer community. If there is something you want to have included, let me know. As I said, I am happy to include any and all.
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