Ithaca Summer Lodown 2008
These pages are for all the fun, activities, parties, festivals, news and visitors coming to Ithaca in Greece for the Summer of 2008. You'll still find Who's Here, Around The Villages and Ithaki General, but this year they'll all be packed into one. Enjoy the Summer, be it on the island or online. It's bound to be huge!
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Fri 13 June - Below - Neville and Judith Thompson are here from the UK and do as they always do when on Ithaki, walk the days away. It's the best way to see the island. We caught up with them on their way to Exoghi from Kioni via Stavros.
Above - Afales views through an olive grove. There's no doubt about it, having a daily glimpse at this wonderful scene, really fixes you up for the day.
The long weekend is upon us. Ag Pnevmatos. This means Athenians and Mainlanders generally, have descended upon Ithaki for their annual early summer weekend. In the afternoon the sky looked like it may change the day, but the dark clouds just moved on and over, leaving the late afternoon clear for tomorrow. Good news, well for some of us, is that Wireless broadband is working again. Seems OTE was updating its network leaving us without service most of the time over the past few weeks. It's a relief to be connected again. Not so lucky are those still using dial-up. This saga continues to frustrate individuals and business owners, especially in the north. The grapevine tells me that Vathy is getting 600 extra ADSL lines and that there are no plans to extend the ADSL service to the north, so Vathy business has an advantage over the north. That is surely the most unfair practice. Time the Council got involved, time OTE actually worked for its money, time to even the playground between north and south.
Sat 14 June - All the fun isn't always around and on the bayside during summer, but also in the villages such as Platrithia. Left - Athena, Alexandros and Christos
get the northern view when they leave Vathy town behind to dine at Yefuri. Left - The Irish are back in town - Mary, Delphine and Michael. Below Left - Mr. Yefuri, Andreas, celebrating his birthday with a little dance last night. Below - Young Dan, here from Ireland with his family, takes one of the best positions in those big puffed up chairs next to the fire place.
Left - Friday night regulars at Yefuri, Ricky and Costa from Vathy, enjoy the atmosphere away from the crowds. Right - Tess and Russell, regular Stavros (almost) locals from the UK get acquainted with Phillip (husband of Delphine, who is not Irish, but living there and regularly here in Lefki). Everyone happy? Yep. the Pavlova, dessert not the dancer, was amazing.
Sun 15 June - Left - A little fun with fish, a 4kg fish to be precise. Fish this size grilled over the coals, takes two hours to cook and two people to turn so it stays in one piece for the customers plate. It was caught by a local fisherman who delivered it to one of the local restaurants to be charcoal grilled for his dinner.
Seems some people have cancelled their holidays to Ithaca due to the recent Ionian tremors. Although I completely understand the fear of the unknown, Ithaca has had 2 quakes of around 6.9 over the past few years and there has been no damage or injury. New ithacan houses (those built after 1953) are made earthquake proof, often to 10 Richter. In the media it's not surprising there has been some scare-mongering, it is of course what gets ratings, but here on Ithaca, life goes on as usual with little notice paid to the over the top predictions that have been on and off the news since the 1953 earthquakes. We feel quite safe here, and as I have stated many times before, I didn't even feel the tremors personally. If there was anything to fear here, I'd be the first to press the panic button. Those enjoying Summer on Ithaca right now are thinking of getting the most out of their holiday and time away from the stresses of the everyday. The weather has been great and lots of wonderful people coming to visit our shores, but tomorrow we have thunderstorms and rain predicted with a no doubt humid 29 degrees Celsius.
The locals fishing village of Frikes gives way to the Flotilla community sailing around the Ionian. For a video, click here or see Ithaki Movie Room
Tue 17 June - Right - If you've never made your way to the Monastiri above Exoghi then it's about time you took the hike. The views are so spectacular from there and the location so serene and peaceful that you could easily spend hours there without realizing the time is passing by. Since the installation of solar power, the mobile towers no longer rumble and hum, so it's quite easy to forget that they are actually there at all and you can solely concentrate on the 360 view of northern ithaca, toward Lefki, Cephalonia and beyond, Lefkada and the Mainland. For more pics, click here or on photograph right.
Below Left and Middle - Viki and Niko from Mylos Creperie in Vathy take time out to smile for the camera. Below Right - Kate and Freda, the traveling mother in-laws from Melbourne, Australia. Freda was born in Lahos and returns as often as she can, but for Kate, this is her first trip.
Mon 16 June - The weather predicted for yesterday was rain and thunderstorms, but apart from a few passing clouds, it's ended up a really wonderful day. A little cooler than before with a fresher wind, but overall, very nice. Left - When Spavento bar is piling up with dishes you know that the Day Trippers are pouring in. Luckily we missed the rush, but the evidence was everywhere. Click here or on photo left for a video of Kioni in June. You'd never know that hundreds of people had just left the village.

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We have heard it straight from the horses mouth (not an insult, just a saying) direct from el presidente of Frikes, Mr. Niko Douglas, that the Frikes Panighiri will be held on the 4th July. Although traditionally, this festival takes place on the last day of June, the day would not be conducive to getting people there, so it is being postponed to the following weekend, when everyone can come and have a great time.
Below - Alexi is a new arrival on Ithaki. Her friend Costa is taking good care to get her acquainted with the locals. Costa also saves Frikes from 'Land Down Under' which if the boys from Fiorendino Bar have their way, would be on high rotation on the turntable. Below Right - Dini, Peter and Wednesday dj, Costa.
Thur 19 June - Left - Piso Aetos will have it's work cut out this summer as more and more people arrive at the port that has too little to offer. Below President of Frikes, Mr. Douglas still has a way with the girls, even when they're wearing a 5 o'clock shadow.
Fri 20 June - Above - Hani views. Right - The mouth of Vathy Bay. It's quite strange these past few days. Usually when the mercury hits 35C, the heat mist obscures the views, but not this time. The views are crystal clear despite the rising temperature. It's hot folks! Time for the beach or sitting under a shady tree. Summer is well and truly here and there's no turning back.
It's been pretty hot over the past few days. Mornings in Vathy are reminiscent of high Summer with interior car temps of 43C after an extended stint in the parking spot. Sultry nights have made it a little difficult to sleep for the locals, whereas the visitors just turn on the air-con without a thought to the electricity bill. ithaca has settled down again after the Ag. Pnevmatos long weekend. Mainlanders have returned to work and the island is once again left to the locals and the visitors from places other the Greece. There's a great atmosphere around. Lots of laughter and good times.
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Click here for a video of Kioni in June 2008 click here for more pics of exoghi and beyond