Homers Walk with Ester van Zuylen - Walking Guide
Ester van Zuylen, a Stavros local and walking guide, invited her friends on Homers Walk in the north of Ithaca. Homers Walk is part of Esters guided walk programme, open to all. The sun was shining and there was a Spring warmth in the air. I unfortunately missed the first part of the walk which started in front of Sotiris church in Stavrs, a visit to the Stavros Museum and then onto toward Yefyri in Platrithia, where the path to Homers School begins. Ester is well versed in the facts, myth and history of Homers School and the Odyssey, making the walk not only a walk through beauty, but also through history. Her knowledge and her easy way around the stories of the region and time, was very impressive. Ester, who has been doing Homers walk for a few years now, made the walk through olive groves and along ancient paths, a real special experience. If you have broadband, you'll be able to come along with us via the video left, but for the best experience, take a walk with Ester over the coming Season and enjoy the smells, the sights and the mythology of this historic area of Homers School.
Ancient stones of a tower still standing after centuries, with Afales bay as the backdrop. For full programme see www.islandwalks.com