Walking track from Kathara Monastery to Anoghi and back via the road.

With fantastic weather, what better way to spend a Sunday than going for another walk around one of the Ithaki tracks, but by 11am, the temperature began to rise above the 25C mark and by midday it felt like 30C, so maybe the day would have been better spent at the beach. No regrets though, the walk along the mountain track from the Kathara Monastery to Anoghi was well worth the sweat. Walking around Nyritto feels a little like walking on the moon, it's barren and dry, and if you've ever wondered where all the rocks in the world end up, the answer could be 'here'. it's not a difficult track, but it takes alot of concentration to walk this track. The ground is always moving and changing shape underneath your feet. It's either up or down, no flat bits and no soft earth beneath your feet. Jagged and loose rocks, roll, poke and twist beneath. After my last misadventure, I was being very careful, spraining an ankle here would mean a long wait for someone to come and carry you down or a very painful walk to the nearest road. Ester, our trusty guide, directed us to follow the marking that Dennis Sikiotis (Ithakis walking track guru) had made for the track with the help of his volunteers. The markings were easy to spot and easy to follow. Basically it's a goat track once used by locals and donkeys.

The misty day obscurred the views, especially of Vathy bay, and the lack of shade made it a hot and sweaty endeavour.