.. Lisistrati Dress Rehearsal

There's been alot of dressing up and having a good time down in Vathy over the past few months. Lisistrati, the ancient Greek play is coming to life on Ithaki through the Forkis Theatre Group (Ithakis own Theatre Group) under the new direction of Stelios Sofos and aid from Pericles Vasilopoulos, who took over from Stelios Sofos when he was called away to the mainland to direct a work there. With the performance of Lisistrati less than a fortnight away, the excitement and nerves of the group is palatable. Gerry, Ithakis resident photographer and proprietor of the photoshop in Vathy, took these photos of one of the dress rehearsals. This ancient work has been developed into a colourful and vibrant piece for the 21st century. All it needs now is for you to grace the Cultural Center in Vathy with your presence on either the 11, 12 or 13th April 2008. Cheer on Ithakis talent. It's only 12 euro to get in. Well worth it!!


Lisistrati Dress Rehearsal

Forkis Theatre Group

Directed by

Stelios Sofos


Pericles Vasilopoulos

Forkis Theatre Group (In no particuloar order) Spiros Bouas, Giorgos Kouvaras, Vasilis Papoulias, Kostas Kanellos, Tasos Gribaviotis, Alexandros Taflampas, Yianis Marnezos, Mina Papoulia, Tomi Dendrinou, Sotiria Naka, Sitsa Dendrinou, Pistoula Marouli, Litsa Diamantatou, Kiriakoula Mitsoura, Zoe Saloniti, Dionysia Vittoratou.