25 degrees celcius, almost sunny and no rain, a perfect OXI day parade in Vathy. The children had practiced their marching steps well and the speeches were well rehearsed. I was an hour early because I forgot to turn the clock back when Daylight Saving finished yesterday, and I must have been the only one on the island who forgot, as the town square was completely empty when I arrived, but at least I wasn't going to miss it this year. As usual the morning parade was a colourful show of patriotism and the celebration of the word OXI (NO) which empowered the Greeks to freedom.

The skies may have looked a little grey, but there was no rain predicted, and the high October temperature, made for a very festive morning on Ithaki.

Ithakis' Childrens Big Band led the Parade through the Vathy streets while the community lined the sides and Ithaki Council members and Military representatives took to the stage for the Oxi Day formatilities.

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