Ithakis Theatre Group Rehearsals 'Lisistrati' An Ancient Greek Play by Aristofanis

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Ithaki Theatre Group brings 'Lisistrati' into the 21st Century
Alexandros Taflambas and Tomi Dendrinou are veteran actors of Ithaki and have performed in local plays for many years. In this performance Alexandros pulls a gay man out of the (ancient Greek) hat.
Alex and Tomi have a great chemistry in scenes together
Tomi, a strong woman in reality has no difficulty asserting herself in her role as Lisistrati.
Above - Spyros Bouas, one of Ithakis local Notaries, plays the role of a man in desperate need of sex.
His role as lech, is one of the funniest roles I have seen on ithaca. A man driven close to insanity by the temptation of the feminine kind.
Below - What can I say.
Left - In this scene, Spyros, whose character name is unfortunately not known to me at this time, is left panting and frustrated after being left mid stream by his female lover, asking himself "what do I do now? Is there a homosexual around?" Unable to bare the passion throbbing inside him.

If you haven't guessed by now, Lisistrati is a comedy, jam packed with sexual innuendo and taboo, and will be brought to life on stage at the Cultural Center in Vathy during March 2008. Keep your eye out on the Calendar, but in the mean time, brush up on your Greek language skills because this play will have everyone roaring with laughter in their seats from the minute the curtain rises.

Ithaki Theatre Group for 2008

Spiros Bouas, Giorgos Kouvaras, Vasilis Papoulias, Kostas Kanellos, Tasos Gribaviotis, Alexandros Taflampas, Yianis Marnezos, Mina Papoulia, Tomi Dendrinou, Sotiria Naka, Sitsa Dendrinou, Pistoula Marouli, Litsa Diamantatou, Kiriakoula Mitsoura, Zoe Saloniti, Dionysia Vittoratou.

Director: Stelios Sofos


By Aristofanis thanks the Ithaki Theatre Group for allowing us to take a sneak peak at Lisistrati by attending their rehearsal.

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