Vathy Carnival 2008

The weather disappointed many this day. Just as the Carnival performances began, so did the rain. The sunny promise of the day just didn't last long enough. A quarter of the way through the organizers stopped the Carnival, and cleverly so, as most of the onlookers ran for shelter when the down pour began. There was disappointment on the faces of the young with weeks of rehearsal going down the drain along with the rain, but weather permitting, Vathy will hold its full Carnival on Monday 10th. The Cafes in the Square filled as many drenched people looked for a dry corner to rest in.

A couple of Carnival groups got in their show before the looming black sky opened up overhead.
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It was a shame that Carnival was halted so quickly today as organizers, participants and onlookers were all excited about this annual event, but that's life in Spring. A little sun, a little rain... Luckily most Cafes showed the big Patras Carnival on the television which relieved some of the anxiety about missing out. You may be interested to know that Greeces' Patras Carnival is the third largest Carnival in the world with over 40,000 participants. No.1 - Rio D / No.2 - Venice No.3 - Patras.


The Carnival that nearly happened