Kathara Deftera - Clean Monday - Ithaca Lent in Anoghi

It was raining in the morning, but as the morning progressed, the clouds began to move across the sky, revealing the blue everyone had hoped for today. People were also hoping for a little wind for this annual kite flying day in Anoghi, but that wasn't to be, so people settled comfortably in the old community school and at the Cafenion, where food and wine were plentiful. As last year, the community of Anoghi offered a feast for kings with the women of Anoghi cooking for everyone to enjoy. Locals and visitors left their donations for the Anoghi community and made the best out of a windless day by enjoying eachothers company. Even without kite flying, this day in Anoghi has a way of turning out to be special each year - wind, rain or shine.

Kathara Deftera which translated means - Clean Monday, is the day Greece begins Lent and goes without its staple diet of souvlaki, beef and goat. From today it's bread and seafood, vegetables and beans... and of course a little local wine to help it go down.
Long warm patches of sunshine warmed the smokers outside and enthused the walkers to head up the hills of Anoghi to explore the old village which lays in ruins above the new village. Usually the skies above Anoghi are frilled with colourful kites soaring and floating over the rocky landscape, but only 1 young man hoped to dare for lift-off by heading up with his kite.

Kathara Deftera wouldn't be the same if a pit stop at the local Cafenion wasn't on the cards. There's always a great atmosphere with more food, wine and music, and of course the pot belly stove in the middle of the room which warms not only the feet, but the heart.


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