Kioni Childrens Carnival Pary
For much of the day it was sunny and mild, but by the time the kids and parents arrived in Kioni for the pre-carnival party for the children, the sun was low in the sky and the wind blew a chill across the bay. Parents dressed up their children in the best of carnival fashion making for a very colourful bayside. There were Indians of the cowboy kind, Indians of the princess kind, princesses and demons, clowns and musketeers, snow white and little green men. The Kioni women cooked up a storm for everyone to enjoy. Traditional pies, cakes and pizza with many more goodies inbetween. The party wasn't just for the Kioni children, but for all children, so parents came with their families from all over the northern island. When the chill became too much, some disappeared to Spavento for a quick espresso and a good strong blast of heat before heading back down to the bay to watch the children enjoy the afternoon.
It was a fun afternoon for parents and children, but by, it was getting a little too chilly, so it was time to go home.