. The Thursday Greeks Grill the Country Over
Thursday 19th February 2009 ....

Souvlaki were being grilled all over Greece today and Ithaki was not going to miss out no matter how hard the wind blew, the rain poured and the snow flakes and hail began to hit the streets. The Mothers Club worked it all out very nicely. Petra Restaurant grilled the souvlaki and the community dined on them at the Ethousa (Community Hall) in Stavros. It was mayhem, the kids claimed the space as their own and took charge in playing just as kids should. George the dj turned up the volume on the greatest Greek hits, and it was on for all. Congratulations to the dedicated mums that gave up their time to make this Thursday a great success.

To see a video of this party Click Here - Eat Meat Drink & Dance

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