. Epiphany
Tuesday 6th January 2009....

Epiphany is the annual event when the local priest goes around to members of the Ithaki community, blessing their homes. It is also the time of the year when strapping young lads (and of late, also strapping young gals) dive into the waters around Ithaki to retrieve the cross that is thrown by the priest. This year I got up early enough to get to Kioni for more than one pic only to find that the strapping young boys of the community obviously stayed in bed and only the water shy ventured out. No one dove in this year. In Frikes, it was another story. Gerasimos and friend weren't afraid of a little cold. Luckily the weather was quite mild and dry after a full day of rain yesterday. Enjoy the pics of Epihany 2009.

It was mostly smiles all around as Epiphany was a great opportunity to socialize a little. While some attended the church service, others made the most of catching up with old friends.
A surprising number of people came out to Frikes. The Platrithia community, along with some Kioni and Stavros locals, livened up, the otherwise lonely street of Frikes.
....... Hronia Polla kai tou xronou

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