. Dance of Life Exhibition by Ester van Zuylen At Ores Gallery
12 - 26th April 2009 ....

Ester van Zuylen is an artist who has been living on Ithaki over the past few years. The Dance of Life exhibiton was work acculumated over the past 20 years. For the opening night there was a good turn out with artwork inspired discussions that lead to us finding out much about this artists life, times and inspiration, leading to her first Ithacan exhibition.

Esters works are inspired by nature and mythology with the use of vibrant colours

Ester van Zuylen took her guests around her paintings and works imparting her inspiration for them, delighting the guests with her enthusiasm for art and knowledge.

Friends brought along home made snacks for the opening night, there was wine and soft drinks, so no one went hungry or thirsty whilst the interested and art-loving community filled themselves with a little culture.

All who attended the opening night (that weren't home with the football) had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Again we were witness to the enormous amount of talent we have resident here on Ithaca. They come from all walks of life to enrich us all in our small island community.

Ester van Zuylens 'Dance of Life' exhibtion continues through to the 26th of April each evening between 6 - 9pm brought to you by Dimitris Danis - Ores Gallery located just behind the Council Offices in Vathy, Ithaca Greece

Dimitris Danis, Ores Director/Owner, has made his space available to all wanting to exhibit their works, whatever they may be, giving Ithacans and visitors alike, an opportunity to express themselves with a purpose.

Ester van Zuylens love for cats is well documented in her artwork.

Her portraits of locals - Yiannis (former Ithaki Taxi driver and beloved Taverna owner in Stavros) and Denis Sikiotis, northern Ithaki resident Professor and writer are full of life and character.

Ester van Zuylen

'Dance of Life'


Ores Gallery

Ester van Zuylen and Dimitris Danis (Ores Gallery)

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