. Forkis Carnival Party
Saturday 28th February 2009 ....
Forkis Theatre Group know how to put on a party and the rest of Ithaca knows how to make that party pop. Dancing didn't stop. Colourful costume-adorned bodies of all shapes and sizes pumped, bumped, humped, rattled and rolled, shaking and makin' it all through the night until the dawn. Mrs Mi!sell Ohbummer dressed in her warm pink woollen twin suit, writhed at the dj table to welcome people into the well decked walls (and ceiling) of the Mentor Hotel. Dj Babbi occasionally got a little frisky with the mute button and volume slider of the mixing desk, leaving people in the air without a beat to dance down on, but overall, he did a pretty good job. The music kept people on the dance floor where they should be. A BIG tick of success for Forkis Theatre Group annual Carnival Party
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