. Kathara Deftera
Monday 2nd March 2009 ....
What a great day for all the family for 2009 Kathara Deftera, the day Greeks all over the country begin Lent and stop eating meat (well, so they say). Traditionally, Ithacans head up to the mountain village of Anoghi to picnic and to fly kites. Over the past few years, the locals of the village prepare some traditional, non meat (seafood not included) dishes which the island feasts on for hours. There wasn't much wind for kite flying, but no one seemed too disappointed. There was plenty of food and wine and folk songs to sing along with and dance to. No rain this year, had the locals and visitors spilling outdoors to every flat surface that would hold a table a chair.
Early birds arrived between 10.30 and 11 am, and as the day progressed, more and more Ithacans ventured out of their homes and up the mountain road to join the party. Anoghi has a special atmosphere. It's rocky and a little eerie, especially on a cloudy day, and the village locals are some of the friendliest on the island.
Kathara Deftera 2009

As always, a very enjoyable day. Even caught a little kite flying, but for that you'll need to see the video. Thank you to the village of Anoghi and all the locals who welcomed me to take photos of this great occasion on Ithaca.


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