. Mylos Carnival Party
Thursday 26th February 2009 ....
The Mylos Creperie Carnival Party has become a 'must go' over the past few years. The music is always an excellent party enhancer. 5 minutes in the door and you're up on the floor shakin' your bootie and boogying down without inhibition. Fancy dress or not, Mylos 'puts out' a good time.
What I personally enjoy about the Mylos party is that it's unpretentious, good old fashioned, hamming around fun. Everyone dances, everyone gets into the mood before they enter the doorway to the bar. Greatest 70s, 80s and contemporary hits blare (not painfully) from the speakers, Niko and Vikki are in the character of their Carnival 'get up' and make the night a great success. You're never left twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do, whether you go with friends or on your own, you quickly become one of the Mylos family, a little weird, a little ham.
Above - Fanni from Proto Supermarket in Vathy and Giorgos from Spavento Bar in Kioni exchange fashion hints and make-up tips. There is no such thing as too much hair. Don't shave it, add it. Extensions and wigs are in.


There was dancing into the very early hours of the morning as is customary here on Ithaca. When most people are comfortably warm in their beds, Ithaca at night (in winter) continues to rumble and shake. It's the time of year when those locals who ordinarily work 18 hour & longer shifts in Summer, let down their hair and make up for all the good times missed out on during the hectic season of summer. Thank you again to Niko and Vikki from Mylos for putting on another unforgettable party that those who attended, including me, really enjoyed.


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