. The Human Voice - Monologue by Jean Cocteau, Presented by Ores Gallery and Performed by Maria Koughiannou
Saturday 24th January 2009 . ..

A monologue of a womans' desperation

Ores Gallery Presentation
A wonderful stage setting welcomed people into Ores Gallery for the first night of 3, with Maria Koughiannous' interpretation of Jean Cocteaus' The Human Voice. A very good turn out on a rainy night. The intimate Gallery setting is ideal for performances such as these. As always, Dimitris Danis offers wine, meze and performance for a 8 euro entry fee, but not only this, after the performance, the audience gets to discuss the play, the performance, the setting and everything else, with Dimitri Danis and Maria. Excellent value. The Human Voice continues Sunday 25th and Saturday 31st January.

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