. Odysseas Football Party
Friday 9th January 2009....
Ok, I've got to say this party/dance was a little scarey at first. Fluorescent lights flooded the old Kioni primary school and I felt like I'd been abducted by aliens and had been transported to their space ship. In other words, it was very, very bright. George from Spavento, once he closed up the Cafe Bar and came to the party, quickly fixed the lighting problem by collecting candles (from the church??) and once lit, the atmosphere quickly changed and all the good people attending the party, let down their defences and got down to what they do best - PARTY!

Attending the Football Club parties not only gives the locals a chance to dance, drink and be merry, but also allows them to financially contribute to the Club by way of an entrance fee payment. It's all for a good cause. ithacagreece.com wishes Odysseas a few good wins to get them into the finals and keep them happy at home.


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