. Winter Wonderland - Anoghi
Sunday 15th February 2009 ....

In the lowlands of Ithaca it rained this morning. The black skies rolling in from Lefkada way were threatening it would rain all day. Another wet day, so we thought, but while it rained down low, in the highlands snow fell and confirmed that the colder temperatures we've been having over the past week, did indeed mean that winter had finally arrived on Ithaca.

Half way up the mountain road from Stavros to Anoghi, rain turned to snow and white patches lined the roadside. Tree tops were frosted like iced cakes and the closer we came to Anoghi, the snow began to freeze the windscreen and pile on the bonnet of the car. It snowed so hard that even Mt. Exoghi, quite a bit lower in altitude than Anoghi, also began to get a white top. Now I don't know why, but once the locals (including myself) hear the word snow, it's quickly into the car to look for it. Most of the island would have taken a drive to the top today to look and play in the snow. Adults, children and cats in heat. Some waited a little too long however, because once the sun came out, which it did, it wasn't long before the peaks turned to slush.

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