Burnt Thursday
Ithaca Greece ..
It couldn't have been a more perfect Winters' day for Burnt Thursday. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and warm and the mood of the locals was high. All around the island there was grilling going on. Communities enjoying one of the last big meat feasts before the Lent Fast.
Local women & men organized a great day at the Stavros Community Hall. Dj Dimo kept everyones feet tapping.
Illias from Lahos was Grill Man for the afternoon. He made sure all the orders were filled in good time. People seemed to have a giant appetite.
Kids dressed up, created havoc and danced, while community members caught up with eachother after our long wet spell.
By 4pm the sun was beginning to lose its warmth, but that didn't stop the acitivity from continuing inside the Stavros Hall. Kids and mums danced to the dj beats and there was no sense in wasting good food. Burnt Thursday bbq was a nice way to spend an afternoon with the community. Next it's Carnival.