The Dining Room Forkis Theatre Group Dress Rehearsal
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Ithaca Greece ..
Director: Pericles Vasilopoulos | Stage Production: Matina Saranti | Production Manager: Zaxaroula Fiampoli | Sound: Dimos Kostopoulos
Rehearsals for the US comedy play 'The Dining Room' have been going on since before Christmas last year. Now, Forkis Theatre Group have begun Dress Rehearsals for the show which is being premiered at the end of next week at the Vathy Cultural Center. Although everyone in the cast and crew take this work very seriously, the atmosphere is light-hearted and easy going, and why not, from what I saw last night, everyone seems to be right on track with their role. Forkis Theatre Group acknowledges that there are quite a few non-Greek speaking locals that make up the Ithaki community now, so they have organized for a translated information sheet that will take them through the play from beginning to end. A little like Sub-Titles, but in your hand, so bring your specs if you need them.
Above - Director, Pericles Vasilopoulos decides which costumes best fit each character for their individual roles through the play.
Cast: (In alphabetical order of first names)
  • Alexandros Taflampas
  • Anna Xristidou
  • Christina Bereri
  • Denia Vitoratou
  • Gerasimos Deftereos
  • Gerasimos Paxinos
  • Ioanna Gerouli
  • Litsa Diamantatou
  • Maria Koughiannou
  • Mina Papoulia
  • Pepi Papadopoulou
  • Pistoula Marouli
  • Tasos Griboviotis
  • Tomi Dendrinou
  • Viki Softi
  • Viki Zoidou
  • Yiannis Soldatos
  • Yiorgos Kouvaras
  • Xaris Dryghianos
  • Xaris Rigalou
After the costume decisions and changes, Pericles Vasilopoulos took the cast through the first few scenes of this US play which spans over decades using The Dining Room as its core. Many of the cast play multiple roles for this performance. Parallel lives going on in and around this particular dining room at the same time. It's funny and very entertaining. A comedy that will have you rolling in the isles (if they allowed that sort of thing) For more pics please continue onto page 2 below.
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