The Dining Room Forkis Theatre Group Dress Rehearsal
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Ithaca Greece ..
The cast was very well rehearsed for this dress rehearsal. It was like being in the audience on the Premier night. Moving and funny performances, some very surprising acting also. Over the years, Forkis Theatre group has attracted many more younger actors who simply needed guidance toward acting, and through this guidance, have bloomed as stage performers in their own right. Pericles Vasilopoulos was not shy to jump right in and animate his instructions to give each actors performance an edge. This play will see the cast through many costume changes as they go from role to role, era to era and dialogue to dialogue. It seems like quite a challenge.
The Dining Room premiers at the Cultural Center in Vathy on 26th February and continues onto the 28th February. Door open at 9pm and remember that non-greek speaking locals and visitors are welcome to come along. You will have Ithakis version of Sub Titles at your fingertips. It's a great idea, so come along and support Ithacas Theatre.

The Dining Room

By Forkis Theatre Group Ithaca

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