Independence Day Celebration
Ithaca Greece ..
The days' celebration begins with a church service. The parade is participated in by the school children of the island. The young ones dress in traditional costume, while the elder children wear the official white and navy.
Everyone was relieved that after the past days of rain, Independence Day morning was mostly sunny and quite warm for this time of year. The Ionian island, which gained independence, independent of the Mainland, celebrate this auspicious occasion annually with parades in Stavros and In Vathy.
Independence Day Parade in Stavros is very weather dependent. Some years it's forgone due to rain. The children of this northern village are quite young, so if the weather isn't ideal, then the parents leave it for another year.
Not only Ithacan children, but Greek children generally, are raised with the traditions of their region and patriotism for their country, held at the core of their lives. Occasions such as Independence Day Parade and celebrations, are participated in by young and old. For a look at how Vathy celebrated its Independence day, click 'Vathy' link below.