Easter Monday
Ithaca Greece ..
Ithaca has many long term locals who are not Greek. Some have made Ithaca their home for over 20 years, have given birth and raised their children here, have become as much a part of the fibre of ithaca as ithacans themselves. I am happy to share Easter Monday with you with some of the non-greek & greek faces that also make up the island we all call home. This Easter Monday BBQ was held by Judith and Nick Levy at their home just above Dexa Bay in the south of Ithaca. An array of interesting people with unique and surprising stories, all with one thing incommon, their respect and love of Ithaca.
It wasn't long until the youngest dipped into the pool. The water temperature read 18 degrees C so the stronger out of the group followed behind. I wasn't even ready to take off my leather jacket yet, let alone strip down and get wet. I have to admit however, the shimmering aqua water looked very inviting and the warm sunshine filtering through the lush green garden of this home, did make ones mind think of Summer.
What I have always enjoyed about ithaca is the wealth of interesting people that you meet in your every day. People who come from such varied and different backgrounds & countries - professionals, hippies, a quirky, eccentric, intelligent and funny mix of personalities able to meet on equal ground to share their experiences and love of Ithaca, and most of all, a good laugh.
British, Dutch, German, French, Greek & Australians speaking the same language - Ithaki.

A big thank you to Judi and Nick Levy for a great Easter Monday BBQ.