Kathara Deftera in Anoghi
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To everyones' surprise, the skies looked like there may be some sunshine ahead for Kathara Deftera in Anoghi and Kioni this year. Yes, Kioni too. First time in years.
In Anoghi this year, the wind was blowing just enough for locals to head up and give their kites a good fly. It's been years without good wind. The day was dry, but at the top of Anoghi, also bitterly cold. Heaters were on in the Community Hall and so was the Kefi, with music blaring from the speakers as early as 11am.
This year, as other years, the Anoghi Community went all out to give us another magnificent table to feast from. Good local food, made by community members, local wine and crispy fresh bread. There was enough sunshine to make being up in this mountain village bearable, as long as you had a hat and some gloves, and the usual friendliness of the village made all comers feel very welcome. I say this every year, but Kathara Deftera in Anoghi is a very special day.
Kathara Deftera in Anoghi

Many people come from all over the island to Anoghi for this day, and to have a dry day after yesterdays down-pours and storms, was a great surprise. I don't think anyone expected it. That there was wind to fly kites was just a bonus. The food was great, so was the company and of course the KEFI (good cheer).

This year the Kioni Community decided to put on their own celebration for Kathara Deftera, giving the elderly an opportunity to take part in the celebration without having to leave their village. It may be a little known fact that years ago, Kioni did celebrate Kathara Deftera at the little church at Illia down on the rugged coast behind the Kioni cape, as seen from the village. To see pics of Kioni celebrations, click Kioni link below.

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