Mylos Carnival Party
Ithaca Greece ..
Every year since Nikos Karantzis has owned and run Mylos Creperie, there has been a big party for the upcoming Carnival. It's not the only party, but it is one that makes alot of noise. Every year boys dress up as girls, but this year, boys dressed up as boys. Are mothers and sisters locking up their pantyhose or is there another reason boys preferred to be in pants this year? As usual there were some well known faces in the crowd, Elvis, who took leave from the 70s, the Las Vegas chapel and his responsibility as a celebrant, Michael J, back to his darkened self and with a nose that can turn up again, the Grim Reaper reaping grimly as usual, the Tooth Fairy collecting for her dentures, Little Bo Peep getting more peeped at than peeping herself, 70s fashion rejects and many more. Say 'tyri'. "TYRI"

So if it looks like fun, why weren't you here? Carnival parties this week culminate in the Carnival itself on Sunday 14th February. There'll be more dressing up, dancing in the streets and enjoying Ithaca in the Winter.