Oxi Day Parade
Ithaca Greece ..
Ithaki Community celebrates Oxi Day together
Oxi Day was greeted with extraordinary weather this year. Lots of sunshine and a warmish temperature that made it very comfortable to be out and about for this momentous occasion. The annual Oxi Day Parade is a celebration of Metaxas' 'No' to Mussolini during WWII. This year I didn't miss the small, early morning parade put on by the children of northern Ithaki. They marched a couple of laps along the Main street of Stavros, applauded by their peers, family and friends. Oxi Day is a proud day for Ithaca, a day when the Greek flag flies high to hold the hearts of a nation in the memory of this day. Just after 11am, the parade began in Vathy. Again, the school children of the area adorned their blue and white to march down the main street of Vathy, finally settling in front of the podium where the annual speeches enthused the community even further.
Low cloud obscurred the colours of Ithaca with mist today, but the waters were so calm and still, that it made for magic on the bay as the sky and Vathys' bayside buildings, reflected in the waters.

After the parade, the attending community headed for the Cafes around the Square to enjoy eachothers company and to make the most of the Summery day we were blessed with for this years' Oxi Day Parade.