Stelatata Panighiri
Ithaca Greece ..
The Stelatata Panighiri usually takes place 1 week after Easter. With Easter early this year, and businesses not fully committed to tourism yet, the turn out was quite big. Not all came at once, but in dribbles throughout the morning and afternoon. Many of the older locals came early for the church service while others turned up for the food and this traditional panighiri held annual at the same location, Stelatatas church of Panighi. The weather was spectacular and the rural setting, helped to make this panighiri feel very traditional. It was hard to believe we were in the 20th century and not some time long ago in the past, when life was significantly more simple than it is now.
The small church at Stelatata, Panaghi, is quite something. Locals use this church for weddings and baptisms because of its traditional atmosphere and old-worldly charm, and each year the church surrounds are home to the Stelatata Panighiri

The Stelatata Panighiri was very enjoyable. Friendly company, good cheer, food and wine, and a day so filled with sunshine, most thought it was Summer already. The Vasilopoulos (Bakerello) family spit roasted a feast with local women helping with salads and bread. A great way to spend a Friday morning and afternoon.