.Carnival Time on Ithaki 2011
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. 13th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
All the kids rehearsed so hard, but not quite as hard as some of the mums who not only cheered them on, but put on their costumes and joined them in the center square.
Sunday 13th March 2011 Ithaki
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There wasn't alot of Oopa in the center square, but the Ole's and the disco tunes made up for it. There were more cameras than you could shake a stick at, including mine and video cams for future reference. Let's see who made a fool of themselves this year at Carnival. I must admit, there weren't as many men in skirts as there had been other years, and those who did put on a nice frock, looked like they'd purchased it from Attica. Alot of style even for the trannies.
Carnival Parade 2011 Ithaca greece
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