. 22nd April 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
Day A brilliant day for Good Friday. During the morning there were church services all over the island, after which people headed for bayside restaurants and cafes to catch up with friends, and to enjoy the wonderful weather. At night, the Good Friday church service is on the calendar. Long services at many of the churches around the island.
It seemed that everyone had that Springtime feeling. There was a real buzz around the island. Local businesses were a little concerned with the economic crisis and the increases in Road Tolls and ferry tickets, but all turned out to be ok. Some businesses are already giving the thumbs up, hopeful of a lucrative Summer Season. When you see just how many students return home for the holidays, it makes you realize just how many have left over the years. It's a shame, but a fact of island life that tertiary education is found somewhere other than Ithaki. Some study on the mainland others move to other countries in search of the education they deserve. Neverthless, when the students return to the island, Ithaki immediately comes alive again. They give a real injection of enthusiasm after the winter slump.
Night Even if you are not religious, it is still worthwhile taking part in the various church services and holy parades. Greeks are passionate with just about everything, but especially religion and politics. On Good Friday there is a parade along the bayside and the ritual burning of Judas in Kioni. Many attend this Good Friday service due to that.
Once the church bells tolled for the end of the sermon, the congregation gathered around Judas to watch him burn. The poor guy gets it every year in Kioni.
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