.The Pole Express with Ithaki Dance Group 'En Xoron'
. Thursday 23rd December 2010
Ithaca Greece ..
This years En Xoron presentation 'The Pole Express' was a big event. The Cultural Center had a coffee and snack bar and after the show, there was also a big Buffet. School children of all ages (including a few local girls not at school anymore) danced sets choreographed by Anta Paizi and Yiorgos Gabriel. The Pole Express was a dancing fantasy about the importance of believing in Agios Vasilis (Santa). The performance starts with a young boy asleep in the snow infront of his house, who is awakened by a strange noise and light. The boy is surprised to see a train on the road. The conductor encourages him to get on board along with all the other children after which they will head to the North Pole to get acquainted with Santa Clause.
The performance was very well attended considering the island is so lightly populated at the moment. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the entertainment provided to them.
Children from north and south of Ithaca participated. The toddlers were helped along in a fun way by one of the choreographers. All the various groups were completely entertaining. A wonderful fun and Christmas atmosphere with a great set and stage direction. Good use of music and space for this En Xoron presentation.

The Pole Express - A fantasy train ride to the north pole with alot of fancy steps along the way.

En Xoron - Ithaki Dance Group

President: Asimina-Katerina Papoulia | Vice President: Xrisostomi Paizi | Secretary: Konstantina Kaxrila | Treasurer: Viki Softi | Members: Dimitra Dermani, Louiza, Kountouraki, Nikolaos Karantzis