.One Week in February 2011
. 21 - 28 February 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
Above and Right - Lekavittos just above Kolonaki, Athens' up market inner city suburb, is quiet and green haven away from the chaos.
Above & Right - In the mountains just outside Athens you'll find the playground of the rich and famous of Athens. While restaurants and Cafes are alot quieter in Athens due to the economic crisis, the restaurants in this area are full. Neighbourhoods with police patrols and signs forbidding photography. Hmmm.
Athens was wet and very cold for the last week of February. Temps at midday were around 6C Degrees and when it wasn't raining, it was threatening to. General strikes mid week caused mayhem, not only in the center of Athens, but also on the roads.
Everyone needs to get off Ithaca now and again to gain perspective and to realize just how lucky we are to be living on this paradise island. I love Athens for the nightlife, the shopping, the people who you don't recognize and don't recognize you. Anonimity is something that you just can't get on a small island like Ithaca, but after a week, the busy and increasingly dangerous inner city streets of Athens lose their lustre and the thought of our quiet little rock in the Ionian blares out ' It's time to turn back'. Left - Cold, rain and rubbish overflowing in Athens. Below - If you live in Greece, than IKEA is a stop everyone makes. IKEA is opposite the National airport.
Athens outgoing traffic - On To Patras
Above, Left & Below - Port areas of Greece, including Patras, have illegal immigrants, attempting to escape poverty, hanging around, over and on barbed wire boundaries waiting for the next possible boat to Italy. It's a confronting image which many have learned to ignore.
On to Cephalonia & back to Ithaca
While it was cloudy and grey over Cephalonia, on Ithaca, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. A welcome weather change from the very chilly temps of the Mainland. It's good to be back on Ithaki!