.Perahori Dance
. 7th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
The Perahori community is well known for its friendly welcome, it's annual Wine Festival and its Eco-Tourism. It's a close-knit community which opens up to all when it comes down to having a good time.
Post Carnival Dance in Perahori Ithaki Greece
The Perahori Annual Post Carnival Dance has a tradition of good cheer made possible by a friendly community in their community hall. Even northern Ithacans make the trip down south to take part. Last night the temperatures were so low that on the drive from north to south as we approached the Hani area, snow was beginning to fall and the wind blew up a storm. Inside the community hall, the heating was on and the dance floor was hot. The band was made up of local Ithacans - Sakis on Bouzouki (Perahori), Spiro on drums (Vathy), Makis on accordian (Stavros), Nikos on guitar (Vathy) and Stavros on bass duty via guitar (Vathy). If the band has Kefi then so do those on the floor. It was a great night.
Around 1am the community served up Halva (made in various traditional and non traditional ways) to every table in the hall. You would be hard pressed to find a table that doesn't have Halva during the pre-Easter period in Greece. It's the preferred sweet at this time of the Greek religious Calendar. The only negative thing about the Perahori Dance was having to leave and brave the cold outside. A really great night for all.