From Ithaca to Parnassos Via Athens Thiva (Thebes) & Livadeia
. 12th - 15th April 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
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We didn't like any of the hotels in Livadeia so we headed toward Araxova in hope of finding a little Chalet accommodation with a great view across the mountains. The scenery was spectacular with Mount Parnassos leading our way onto the mountain.
As there was still so much daylight left, we took a few detours, acquainting ourselves with the area. We headed up, around and sideways of Mount Parnassos, finally ending up at the Parnassos Ski Resort. All quiet on the 'snow-fun' front. The roadsides and peaks were still thick with icey snow.

Above - The ski resorts were like ghost towns. So much development has gone on in this area that entire plateaus lay heavy with stone chalets waiting for another winter to come.

The wind began to howl and snow clouds formed above the peaks of Parnassos. It was time to settle into a warm room in Araxova village and kick back after a full day of driving around the area.
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