.Classical Evening in Kioni
. 26th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
It's a Saturday night, the sky is almost clear and traffic along the bayroad headed toward Kioni village, where George Karantzis (Spavento Bar owner) had organized a Elisabeth Schaefer on Viola and Spyros Koutsouvelis on piano for the financial and cultural benefit of the Kioni community. The cultural benefit was of course for anyone on the island who wished to attend. The turn out was great, the enthusiasm was high and the music was very well received. My favourite pieces were the slightly more intense Blues for Benny by Eduard Puertz and Sonata by Rebecca Clarke. George Karantzis had gone to alot of trouble to make the old Kioni school an intimate venue for a classical sojourn. The sound was excellent.
There may have been just a little anxiety before the night began in regard to whether the performance would be well attended, but once the doors opened the venue was filled.
Some parents brought their children along for some cultural enlightenment and they sat quietly and attentively in awe of the wonderful music emanating from the stage. You could hear a pin drop. Elisabeth Schaefer has an alluring aura when she plays her instrument. Her long slender silhouette towered above the heads of the audience. Her viola sang when it should have and thundered in the lower region, vibrating through the audience.
... After the concert it was on to the jazz sounds of Spavento Bar  
With the success of this Classical Evening and the renovation of the old Kioni Primary School, we hope we will see more concerts and performances in this intimate venue. The possibilities are endless and with people like George Karantzis at the helm, we would be sure to have quality and some quantity ahead of us.