.Independence Day
. 25th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
Some school kids seemed very excited to be marching, others dreaded it as expected.
Independence Day parades are an annual event on the Greek Calendar. Pomp and patriotism from kindergarten upward. This year the weather was quite alot warmer than what is usual for this time of year. It made the parade a little more comfortable for the kids. We got along to the Stavros and Vathy parades. In Stavros, the school community got behind the parade to make it a colourful and nationalistic event, albeit that Stavros parade is probably one of the smallest in the Ionian Islands. Independence Day started off with a church service before the kids took to the street. Unfortunately, the speakers broke down just before the parade, so the kids marched to the beat of the music coming from a parents car speakers.
  The Stavros Parade for Independence Day is a small local event that gets the locals out and about. Now, it's on to Vathy in the south of the island. See below.