From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - On the road 1
Ithaca Greece ..
The bridge at Rio which connects the Peleponnese to Mainland Greece at Antirrio is indeed a spectacular construction. The cost is around 10 euro. If you don't want to spend that much on a toll then you can still choose to take one of the ferries that also connect to Antirrio from Rio.
Between Nafpaktos and Delphi you will come across the seaside village of Galaxa. A wonderfully traditional village which we will no doubt return to, to spend some time. It was quite a surprise to drive within the mound of village houses to reach a colourful bayside which is being looked after by its community in a traditional way. No big tourism lurks or sign posts, just the colours, sounds and tastes of Greece. Very nice.
After Galaxa, you can see just how much of the copper is being mined out of the landscape before the road leads away from the sea and heads up to the mountains where Delphi, one of Greeces' most popular tourist sites, is located. Delphi has busloads of tourists coming from all over the world, almost all year around.
On The Road 1

The line at the ticket office is likely to be long with all the visitors to Delphi, but the Site is well organized and there are no hold-ups likely.