From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - Delphi & Arachova
Ithaca Greece ..
It's a shame the skies weren't a little clearer giving a better light for photographs, but as we would learn, this was as good as it was going to get on this 'Ithaki to' holiday.
Delphi is set high up in the mountains just above the southern coast of Mainland Greece. It's a site rich with history and mythology and has attracted visitors for many years from all over the world.
When you make it to Delphi, it's worth having a look and a drink at Arachova. This mountain village is a popular winter resort with skiing and all sorts of winter fun.
Delphi and Arachova
The village of Delphi resembles Arachova a little, but has none of the charm unfortunately. It's a full scale tourist attraction. Arachova has a real mountain charm with interesting little shops with local product
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