From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - Kalambaka & Meteora
Ithaca Greece ..
Once upon a time these Monastries were only accessible via baskets raised to the top by rope, but nowdays, the Monastical community have seen to it that their ecclesiastical abodes are accessible to all.
Meteora is an amazing place. In winter it can be eerie with the sky hanging beneath the monastries which are found on top of these rocks which protrude like knobbled fingers, out of a flat landscape.
Although the morning was quite sunny, by lunchtime, the skies were looking like they were brewing up some rain. Once it starts it was forecast to continue for days. In these parts of Greece the locals are used to it. They go about their business while it rains whereas on Ithaca, if there is even a hint of rain the days schedule is cancelled. The nights were cool, quite a difference to Ithakis mild temps.
Kalambaka town is nestled at the foot of Meteora. It's a bustling town with bus trippers coming for the day to see the Monastries of Meteora. There are plenty of hotels and places to eat, and the nightlife isn't too bad either for a little crack in the ground.
If you're heading to Meteora from Athens, then you'll be surprised just how quickly you can get there with the freeway completed and working smoothly. Remember when planning a visit to Meteora, don't wear your shorts and your singlet tops. Women will be given a long skirt to put on before they enter the nunnery or monasteries, but men too should cover up a little. Bicepts not welcome here... well not uncovered at least.

After a couple of days we headed further north to Kastoria. We had only planned on Meteora this trip, but seeing we were already so far north, we thought why not contunue. The car wasn't breaking down and the police let us off without a fine after missing a necessary paper the mechanic had neglected to replace. We were on a lucky roll... well almost. There is always the weather and this time it rained rained and rained some more.