From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - On The Road 3
Ithaca Greece ..
Before the rains started we headed out and about the area surrounding Meteora. Rolling hills with cultivated gentle slopes all around.
Road signage made finding our way around the hills a little difficult, but luckily all roads lead to the main roads, which do have signs.
The weather looked so glorious in the morning that we thought it impossible it would change to anything more than a drizzle if anything, so we made our way through the hills as we slowly headed toward the lake side town of Kastoria. All the Autumn colours made the mountains and valleys a great sight for us. We miss the Autumn colours on Ithaca which remains green, no matter what the season.

The further north we headed the worse the weather became. The downpour of rain didn't let up, so we decided to ditch the scenic route and continued on to Kastoria via the Ioannina freeway which has only in recent time been completed. This freeway joins Western Greece with Eastern Greece without having to go over the tretcherous mountain roads of Metsovo.