From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - Kastoria
Ithaca Greece ..
It was pouring even harder by the time we reached Kastoria so we looked for a hotel that had easy access and no puddles to swim through to get to the front door. At first sight, we loved this town. It has a layout that is immediately enchanting and architecture that is intriguing. You can look on the net about the town to learn about its very interesting history, but beware, it's a town where fur is gold and fur traders are everywhere.

Late in the afternoon, the sun came out a little and we could finally see the reflections of the sky in the Kastoria lake. We headed up to the lookout which is obscurred by low cloud cover whenever it rains, to see the town as depicted on the postcards.

A couple of hours without rain was better than no break at all, but it was frustrating.

What I particularly like about Kastoria, apart from its charming disposition, is that the lake road goes all the way around, and most of it is an ideal stretch for walking or driving, with all that great scenery to keep you company. We'll be coming back in Spring, when we hope to discover this beautiful city inside out. This time the rain was prohibitive and we couldn't walk around the town as much as we'd like. Most of the photographic perspectives of Kastoria were taken through the car window.

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