.Kathara Deftera in Anoghi & Kioni
. 7th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
Above - Most people drive up to Anoghi, but not Ester, she walks.
Boy was it cold for Kathara Deftera this year! The rain may have held off, but the temperature plummeted with the wind chill. Still, many headed up to the mountain village of Exoghi and to the bayside village of Kioni to eat, drink and be merry.
The moment you stepped foot in Kioni, the aroma of calamari and various other yummy things on the grill, wafted in the air to direct all to the Kioni School, where the community was celebrating its own Kathara Deftera. No kite flying here, but lots of good cheer.
BBQ outdoors and dancing and eating indoors
It wasn't too chilly indoors at Kioni School, so once a few drinks were had and tummies were satisfied, it was up and on the dance floor. Everyone seemed to have a great time despite the cold.

Kathara Deftera

in Anoghi and Kioni 2011