.'Nylon Sex' Debut Gig at Mylos Creperie
. 8th April 2011
Vathy Ithaca Greece ..

Nylon Sex - from packing up the cars to Soundcheck to Gig in pictures. Thanks to Rien Post for sharing photo duties with me.

It's been awhile since there's been any pop|rock live music on the island. As usual, Nikos Karantzis Mylos venue, was the perfect place to debut the band Nylon Sex, made up of Oh My Garden, Chappries and Hard Candy members. Nylon Sex will do some more gigs in May sometime and during the Summer period if the band members aren't too bogged down with work over THE Season. The band had a great time, so did the audience. It was so packed inside that much of the audience was forced to peep through the windows from the outside. Alot of fun, alot of noise, alot of drinking and too many hangovers the next day. See you all at the next Nylon Sex gig. TBA.