.A Sunday Morning on Ithaca Greece
. 20 March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
We woke up to an almost completely sunny day and considering it was Sunday, thought it's time to get out and about to see what's going on. First we head toward Kioni's Spavento Bar. It's always happening on a Sunday morning, but before we arrive, there are always some great views to admire along the way. By the time we arrived, all the croissants had been sold.
While the men and the women got cosy inside Spavento Bar with coffees and ouzo, the kids and the mums went down to the waters edge, where the sun was warm, to get a little wet and a little dirty. Everyone loves Kioni, and at this time of the year, it's particularly scenic. In a couple of months Ithacans and holidayers will be swimming again.
Once we finished at Spavento we weren't ready to head back inside so we took a drive from Kioni through Platrithia and Stavros and then along the upper coastal road toward Vathy, turning left to head up the mountain to Kathara and Anoghi. Once you make that turn, the first sight of life is always a goat or two... or three. The landscape on this side of the island is very lush and green, but the higher you head up the mountain, the more the terraine begins to look like a moonscape. Barely a sign of life as you ascend further and further up the winding road. The views are always spectacular, unless there's a fog, and then you can't see two feet infront of you. Today, the sky had enough interest to make it look dramatic over the island which pop up out of the Ionian. On the horizon, Mainland Greece looks closer through the crisp atmosphere. In Summer, the heat mist obscures this sight.
  A Sunday Morning in March on Ithaca Greece
A Sunday Morning on the Island of Ithaki in Greece