. 6th January 2012
Ithaca Greece ..

Epiphany What a wild weather day it was for this religious celebration where traditionally the local priests throw the cross into the water for the young boys of the village to retrieve. With heavy rain and wind, no young boys volunteered this year to brave the cold sea water, but the cross was thrown and retrieved with a rope by the Priest. It was far too wet to take the camera outside, so I positioned myself on the opposite side of the bay with a zoom and waited for the few who braved the weather this morning.

Taking photos through a wet a frosted window isn't ideal, but you'll get the Epiphany idea for this year. Luckily the wind came from the Cephalonia direction so it blew down into the bay village of Frikes and across toward the Mainland. Had the wind come from the Mainland, Frikes would have been awash and there would have been no Epiphany celebrated this day.

Epiphany is celebrated in almost all bay villages, towns and cities around Greece. Greek communities who have moved away from Greece, have taken this tradition with them to the corners of the world. On Ithaca, it's a laid back day, especially when the weather isn't great, but still it's a tradition held onto by the community, rain or shine.
  Epiphany 2012